Mary Jo Titus

Mary Jo Titus – Vocals

Mary Jo is the energy of the group. Her bubbly personality and excitable spirit provides us with much laughter and enthusiasm. If you listen closely before every song, you may hear her say that it is her “favorite” one. Her killer vocals and big smile is what endears so many to Harmony’s House.

Jeannie Mleczko

Jeannie Mleczko – Vocals

Jeannie is our networking and gig-finding brain-trust. Having been involved in music in the Erie area for a long time she knows just where to look for Harmony’s House to sing a song or two. Her amazing harmonies and sweet voice is what puts the HARMONY in Harmony’s House.


Ellen Stevens – Percussion

Ellen is the heart-beat of the group with a heart as big as the ocean. She has played a variety of instruments including the congas, cajon, wind chimes, and COWBELL! Her intricate rhythms and laser-like focus drives the rhythm and keeps the group together.


Ben Baker – Guitar & Vocals

Ben brings his acoustic craziness and melodious baritenor to this harmonious group. He is the “strange” that every band needs but isn’t afraid to get things done. We think he’s alright and he brings some musical mojo to Harmony’s House.